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FIN Systems, LLC


We have been in business since 1986 and offer a number of Business Related Services, including:

  • Application Service Provider - through our
  • Consulting - We offer Business, Financial and Systems Consulting Services
  • Database Design - We design and implement normalized Database Structures
  • e-Commerce - We create dynamic Web Enabled Applications, accessible through our Internet Site or our Clients' Intranet including:
  • FINancial Information System
    Parts Distribution (Invoice Matching System)
    Retail Store (Procurement, Inventory Control & Sales)
    Shopping Cart
    Accommodations Industry Reservations (B & B)
    Municipal Income Tax System

  • Integration - We offer Complete Systems Integration Services
  • Web Design - We Design Complete Web Sites and Web Pages
  • Web Hosting - We will host your Web Site on our Apache Web Server
  • DNS Services - We will host your Domain Name on our DNS Servers
  • WebMail - Our Secure e-mail Service.


If you are interested in any or all of our Services,
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